Our Curriculum

  • Broad Themes

    • Alphabet LIT 0-01a, LIT 0-01b, LIT 0-14a, LIT 0-07a, LIT 0-19a,
    • Phonic sounds ‘sh’, ‘ck’ ¬ ENG 0-12a
    • Common Spelling words ENG 0-12a
    • Writing LIT 0-01a, ENG 0-12a, LIT 0-21b, LIT 0-26a, LIT 0-09b

    Delivered via Jolly Phonics and Oxford Reading Tree or equivalent.

    1. Speaking and listening,
    2. Reading and writing.

    a) Speaking and listening, incorporating oral communication with adults and peers, exten-sion of vocabulary through discussion and development of listening skills.
    b) Writing including creative wring in many forms, e.g. Stories and poems when the child addresses his/ her own feelings and ideas; formal writing – the correct formation of let-ters and words.
    c) Spelling incorporating the use of phonics (sounds of letters) and recognition of spelling patterns.
    d) Reading by providing the children an introduction to the literature of language through stories and poetry. This develops the child’s own skill in reading, and the enjoyment of books. A great emphasis will be placed on reading. We will be using the most effective schemes to achieve this. Children will take home books to practise their reading with parents/guardians.

    Children will also have access to a variety of books in the school and class library area.

    Mathematics is the development of concepts in numbers, weights, lengths, time, money, number patterns, handling data and shape. These concepts are taught through many and varied structured practical activities. Children are encouraged to record and use their knowledge to solve everyday problems as they progress.

    Broad Themes

    • Numbers to 20 MNU 0-02a
    • Addition and subtraction to within 20 MNU 0-03a
    • 2D Shape MTH 0-16a
    • Time MNU 0-10a
    • Money to 10p MNU 0-09a
    • Measure and length using hand span MNU 0-11a
    • Fractions MNU 0-07a
    • Information Handling MNU 0-20a, MNU 0-20b, MNU 0-20c

    Delivered through Heinemann Active Maths

    Our aim is to create awareness that Allah is the sole Creator of all things. The role of man and the purpose of life will be explained through concepts such as Tawheed (oneness of Al-lah) and Ibadah (Worship), while the central objective is to promote justice and serve the needs of society within the boundaries of an Islamic ethical framework. Children will ex-plore various aspects of science, and communicate their observations and findings to each other.

    Broad Themes

    • Creator and Creation
    • Earth Science
    • Life Science
    • Environmental Science
    • Pollution and Conservation
    • Air and Water
    • Physical Science

    • Humans and their Relationship with Plants and Animals
    • Heat and Electricity

    SCN 0-01a, SCN 0-03a, SCN 0-04a, SCN 0-05a, SCN 0-06a, SCN 0-07a, SCN 0-09a, SCN 0-12a, SCN 0-15a, SCN 0-20a,

    Geography entails a study of the relationship of the three components: Allah (the Creator), man and the environment (a gift from Allah, God). The vertical relationship between man and Allah is reinforced by the commands of Allah in our primary reference the Qur’an and the horizontal relationship between man and the environment is emphasised by following the dictates of Allah.

    Geography is split t into the following areas:
    1) skills
    2) places
    3) themes
    4) map work
    The following major sections will be taught with fundamental Islamic norms and values: –


    History has only one attainment target, but the subject has three aims. These are: to give the children an awareness of the past and how it is different to the present; to understand History as a sequence of events; and to explore the ways in which historians find out about the past. As History is the study of humanity the topic will begin with the study of the crea-tion of the first man Adam (as).
    In the study of the rise and the fall of civilisations, the moral dimensions that influenced their histories will also be included. This subject encompasses a study of other, non- Islamic cultures, guided by Quranic principles; the primary focus will be to develop understanding.

    Broad Themes

    My Community
    • Places of interest in local area (historical landscapes, library, parks etc)
    • History of the area
    • Investigates ways to look after our community, (stop littering, no grafitti etc)

    SOC 0-07a 2, SOC 0-08a 3, SOC 0-09a 4, SOC 0-16a 5, SOC 0-20a

    People who Help Us

    • Name members of the school team that help us (janitor, dinner ladies et
    • Name jobs people have that help us doctors, nurses, police officers etc
    • People in our local area who help us, librarians etc

    SOC 0-15a, SOC 0-16a, SOC 0-17a, SOC 0-20a,


    • Differences between town and countryside
    • Different types of farms
    • Discuss what food farms source

    SOC 0-08a, SOC 0-13a, SOC 0-16a, SOC 0-17a, SOC 0-20a, SCN 0—01a, SCN 0-03a, SCN 0-12a


    • Investigate toys from the past (photo’s)
    • Compare new toys to old toys
    • Materials of toys

    SOC 0-01a, SOC 0-2a, SOC 0-04a

    Broad Themes

    Safety in our surroundings

    • Items that are safe and unsafe for children to touch (medicine cupboard, household de-tergents, cables etc)
    • Safe and unsafe product labels
    • Emergency situations and who to contact for help (trusted adult, 999 etc)

    HWB 0-42a, HWB 0-38a


    • Interacting with others.
    • I can recognise that others can make me happy.
    • I can seek help from others when I am worried or upset.

    HWB 0 – 45a, HWB 0 – 44a

    Food – How it affects the body and its importance

    • Why we need food (strength, healthy teeth etc),
    • Food tasting and preparation (smoothies, fruit kebabs)
    • Importance of staying healthy as muslims

    Linked to HWB 0-32a, HWB 0-33a, HWB 0-35a


    • Hygiene routines
    • Teeth Brushing

    HWB 0-33a, HWB 0 – 47a


    Broad Themes

    Collage/paintings relating to topics

    EXA 0-02a, EXA 0-04a


    Broad Themes

    Mime and Role play relating to Farm topic.
    Discussion of performances.
    EXA 0-12a, . EXA 0-15a, . EXA 0-01a


    Broad Themes

    Songs relating to topics
    EXA 0-19a

    Broad Themes

    Islam – Welcoming a baby

    RME 0-04a, RME 0-06a

    Christianity – The Good Samaritan and The Lost Sheep

    RME 0-01a, RME 0-02a, RME 0-04a

    Judiam – Hanukkah

    RME 0-04a, RME 0-06a

    Sikhism – Gurdwara
    RME 0-05a , RME 0-06a, RME 0-09a

    The aim of the subject is to promote pupil’s knowledge, understanding and practise of Islam to create an Islamic identity and to foster their spiritual, emotional and intellectual consciousness of Islam.

    Other topics of religions will be covered:
    People of the book
    Islam – Quran
    Chritianity – Bible
    Judaism – Torah

    Personal, social and health education (PSHE) helps to give children and young people the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. It aims to help them understand how they are developing personally and socially, tack-ling many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up. Learning op-portunities could happen across and beyond the curriculum, in specific lessons, assemblies, tutorial programmes, circle time, special school projects and other activities and events that enrich pupils’ experiences.


    Opportunity will be provided within P.E for children to engage in enjoyable activities, which will be physically rewarding. A high level of pupil participation is encouraged in all P.E les-sons, so that children will gain confidence in working as individuals and in co-operation with others, in a safe and careful manner.
    All junior pupils are also required to go swimming from school weekly, for a fee. As well as being an excellent form of exercise, it is a vital life-saving skill.

    P.E. NOTE

    The P.E. kit must be worn to school on P.E. day. . Pupils not having the kit will be repri-manded. Pupils are encouraged to keep their P.E.shoes in school during term time.

    Broad Themes
    • Fitness HWB 0-21a
    • Ball Skills HWB 0-22a, HWB 0-23a
    • Team Games HWB 0-23a
    • Athletics HWB 0-21a, HWB 0-22a


    Through work with Information Technology the children will be taught how to use I.T effectively, and how to handle the appropriate equipment e.g. computer keyboard, software etc. with confidence.

    Through Design and Technology, the children will explore a variety of materials in order to design and build things. They will be encouraged to apply rules of safety when handling materials.

    Broad Themes

    Introduction to the Computer

    • Name the different parts of a computer
    • Introduce the use of Ipads

    TCH 0-05a, TCH 0-01a,

    Word processing and mouse control ‘Word’, ‘Splosh’ ‘Drawing’

    • Type basic information – name, school, class etc
    • Use ‘Splosh’, ‘Drawing’ applications for mouse control.

    TCH 0-02a, TCH 0-05a, TCH 0-01a,


    • Discuss fruit and why it is good for how.
    • Make different snacks with fruit/veg fruit smoothie, fruit kebabs, fruit monsters.
    • Visit the supermarket and buy healthy snacks for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

    TCH 0-04a

    Reducing, reusing and recycling

    • Children make reduce, reuse and recycle posters
    • Junk modelling session
    • Bring in old toys and have a jumble sale

    TCH 0-06a