School Uniform

  • Girls Uniform


    • Charcoal Grey pleated pinafore (knee length or over, from Asda)
    • Grey schoolbag with Al Falaah school logo
    • Long sleeved white blouse
    • cardigan with school logo (from the School)
    • Black socks
    • Black sensible shoes


    Boys Uniform

    • Grey Trousers
    • White Topi (Hat)
    • White Shirt
    • Green Jumper with our logo
    • Blazer with our logo
    • Black socks
    • Black sensible shoes
    • Grey schoolbag with Al Falaah school logo

  • Schoolbags

    Uniform Shop

    More information is available on the website but for your information, the uniform can mainly be sourced from The School. 

    It is essential all items of clothing are clearly labelled with the name of the child and class, including outdoor clothing.

    Jewellery & Eye Makeup 

    Please, can you make sure your child is not wearing any jewellery to school – only studs are allowed due to health and safety reasons. Valuables should not be brought into school.

    Any sort of eye makeup is not allowed in school e.g. kajal or eyeliner.  

    Hair Cuts

    The following haircuts are not allowed:

    • To shave some parts of the head and leave other parts unshaved e.g. Mohican, flat tops, fades, mullets, crew cuts.
    • Short back and sides or step.
    • Lines cut into any part of the hair including sideburns.